Hollow Knight (Switch DIGITAL)

Hollow Knight (Switch DIGITAL)


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Az ide sorolt játékok tartalma valamennyi korosztály számára alkalmasnak tekinthető. Némi erőszak ábrázolása komikus kontextusban (pl. a Bugs Bunny vagy Tom & Jerry rajzfilmekre jellemző erőszak-ábrázolás) megengedett. Fontos, hogy a gyermek a képernyőn szereplő személyeket ne azonosíthassa valós életbeli személyekkel, a képernyőn szereplő figuráknak teljesen a fantázia világába kell tartozniuk. A játék nem tartalmazhat olyan hangokat vagy képeket, amelyek kisgyermekek megijesztésére vagy megrémítésére alkalmasak. Durva beszéd nem hangozhat el.


Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch includes all content packs released up to launch in June 2018: Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe and Lifeblood.

Descend into darkness and brave the depths of a forgotten kingdom in Hollow Knight, an atmospheric and challenging 2D action-adventure for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Explore the vast interconnected world of Hallownest, unravel ancient mysteries and conquer a menacing evil.

Explore a unique underground kingdom
Buried far beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps Hallownest, a once-great civilisation now fallen to rack and ruin. Explorers and thieves are drawn below the surface in search of riches, glory and answers to old secrets, but amongst these plundered halls now roam tainted creatures and bizarre beasts, corrupted by a sweet, sickly poison that seeps through the soil.

As the eponymous traveller Hollow Knight, journey deep down into the vast labyrinth of caves, corridors and ruined cities that make up this eerie, decaying dominion. Scattered throughout the soil lie towns and settlements home to a cast of weird and intriguing characters, while riddles and treasures guarded by vicious creatures await those who venture off the beaten path and investigate every creak and crevice.

Fight ferocious foes
If you’re looking to descend further into the darkness, then be prepared to defend yourself against hordes of corrupted creepy crawlies. Move nimbly to evade enemy attacks, dodge incoming projectiles, master wall jumps to claim the high ground, then take the offensive with your trusty sword and powerful abilities.

Defeated enemies will leave behind Geo – fossils that can be exchanged for new items and shortcuts – as well as a mystical energy that can revitalise your weary body or be channelled into powerful new abilities. Should you be bested in battle, a shadow of your former self will remain where you once stood – find it and defeat it to claim back your worldly riches.

Curious characters
When you grow weary of spelunking, return to the surface and venture into the peculiar town of Dirtmouth to purchase items using Geo or seek advice from the quirky townsfolk.

Ancient curios called Charms lay hidden in long-forgotten chambers, and in the possession of the weird and wonderful folk you’ll meet on your quest. Find these Charms and equip them to gain helpful abilities, such as spawning enraged insects to battle alongside you or increasing the amount of Geo dropped by felled foes.

Symphony of the knight
The surreal world of Hollow Knight is expertly brought to life with a stunning hand-drawn art style, traditional 2D animation and a captivating original score. With incredibly detailed backgrounds and otherworldly character designs, the gloomy, dream-like environments of Hallownest positively drip with atmosphere at every turn, while a pensive, melancholic soundtrack accompanies Hollow Knight on his lonesome journey.

Burrow into a cursed underground kingdom, vanquish vicious beasts and lift the curse on a crumbling insect civilisation in Hollow Knight for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

  • Discover the surreal insect realm of Hallownest and unravel its deepest, darkest mysteries
  • Explore a vast underground kingdom tainted by a vicious curse and infested by bizarre beasts
  • Use your blade and powerful abilities to dispatch foes and uncover secret paths
  • Marvel at the stunning, evocative hand-drawn art style and traditional 2D animation



Nintendo Switch

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